Cybrotel Berlin is located in a private residence in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

When you arrive, you will be let in without human contact. You remain completely anonymous! Your private room is equipped with a bathroom, a kitchenette and a state-of-the-art home cinema for watching porn or other movies. The luxurious bed welcomes you to the sexual experience of your dreams.

All facilities, as well as the love dolls, are cleaned and disinfected according to strict hygienic standards. Read more here->


The Cybrothel is a further development of the conventional doll brothel: following the Japanese model, it offers an immersive erotic experience, through live interaction with the doll and a human voice actress. Founded in 2020 in Berlin. At Cybrothel, each silicone doll has a unique personality and you can talk to them in real time, get inspired and be sexually/verbally stimulated. A voice actress who matches the artificial figure in terms of voice and character plays the role of the doll. She communicates with the guest via the audio system and engages with him sexually while he physically interacts with the doll. Every sex doll has their own voice actress, who was carefully selected. One of the criteria was that the speakers themselves enjoy this unusual role-playing game and it is not unusual for the ladies to experience arousal as well. The game is about creating a shame-free space in which sexual fantasies can be explored and lived out anonymously and without taboos.

The first protagonist of Cybrothel was Kokeshi, an intergalactic persona who guides you through the experience as an intimacy coach and helps you book your desired silicone doll on the website. You can book each experience in German and English. You have the choice between all figure types, gender and personalities. Each of the figures has a carefully developed background story, their own unique voice and personality.

The Room#2


Premium Package “Full Option”: Guests can book sessions with a doll and interactive voice from 120€/30min.

Basic package: from 85€/30min without voice, interact only with the silicone doll. The silicone dolls are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

The “VR – Experience” is available from 129€/45min – Experience two dolls hanging in love swings in doggy & missionary position with accompanying VR porn from BadoinkVR.

Here you will find the current selection of VR pron you can choose from. the selection expands weekly! –>

In addition, we offer various options for each booking that can be added. For example, it is possible to text or call the chosen silicone doll via Whatsapp/Telegram.

Appointments can only be booked via the booking system on the Cybrothel website.

We look forward to go on this sensual adventure with you!


Opening hours

Our opening hours may vary, but we are usually open daily from 3:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

Please check for available time slots in the booking system. We strive to accommodate all slots available in the booking system. However, please be aware that due to high demand, some days may already be fully booked.

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