Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the makers behind the Cybrothel?

How does it work with the sex dolls?

Explain the audio and visual interaction with the sex dolls.

What are the four options for booking?

How many dolls do you have?

Are your sex dolls robots?

What about data protection and the audio and visual components? Is it a webcam?

How does the process work after I book? Do I have to interact with a receptionist when I come?

Do I have to use a condom?

How do you clean your sex dolls?

What languages do your sex dolls speak?

Can your sex dolls wear what I want? Or change hair color? Wear special shoes or heels?

Can I book without having to register?

How about couples?

How do the night sessions work @Cybrothel?

Where are the sex dolls located?

How does the pricing of the dolls work?

How to pay for the experience?