experience the exciting role-playing game with the world’s first love doll with an interactive human voice.

Is there something you always wanted to try but were afraid to ask? Maybe you have a preference for body shapes that are too good to be true or want to try anal for the first time? Maybe you are in a relationship and are looking for a change without actually cheating? or you just want uncomplicated sex without a condom? Maybe you are curious about making love with a sex doll?

We have the right love doll for every taste: from busty and dominant to submissive, blonde and sweet. each of our lovedolls has a unique personality and you can talk to her in real time and let her guide you while you interact with her. anonymous and without taboos, you can let your imagination run wild.





from 290 EUR/ 1h 

An absolutely unique sex experience awaits you in the Cybrothel! The Cherry VX VR game from PolyBay in combination with our high-quality lovedolls allows reality and virtuality to merge in a breathtaking way. Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking mixed reality experience!

Find out how it works here!

badoink kokeshi


From 129 EUR/ 1h

If you have never had the pleasure of watching high quality porn through VR glasses, you now have the chance to enjoy this special experience. Through the VR glasses you are not only watching the porn, you are visually part of the sensual action. You can look deep into her hungry eyes or look down to the source of her pleasure. VR porn is immersive, because you decide what you see ‚Äď up close and personal.

As part of our special, there is a selection of VR porn from Badoink + 2 dolls prepared for you in love swings, which you can enjoy in missionary and doggy. If you want to change the porn, you can do so at any time during your visit. Our VR library is constantly updated – it’s worth stopping by! Variety for every taste. Please send us your suggestions by e-mail.

Anyone who has already been able to watch porn via VR knows that this special is a must. For everyone else, we’ll take you by the hand and show you the future!

Current VR Pronos from BaDoinkVR

Doll Brothel - Puppenbordell - Berlin


From 149EUR/ 30min

Spend intimate moments with your love doll and talk to her interactively, either in a role play of your choice or just in the heat of the moment. Either way, the sexy voice will turn you on in a new unique way and that is what good sex is all about.

Feel her and hear her moan with pleasure as you penetrate her. Look forward to dirty talk and intimate chats. When booking the sex-ting option (via WhatsApp or Telegram) or phone sex, you can even get to know her beforehand and intensify the adventure together.

Enjoy your individual journey into the world of your erotic fantasies ‚Äď what a fun way to play with dolls.

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Doll Brothel - Puppenbordell - Berlin


From 109 EUR/ 30min

Spend intimate hours with one of our love dolls and let your fantasies become reality. Experience anonymous and uncomplicated sex with a doll according to your preferences.

A playful experience around lust and passion.

Doll Brothel - Puppenbordell - Berlin


From 89 EUR/ 30min

“Quickie” means uncomplicated sex in between – two love dolls are waiting for you in love swings in sexy doggy and missionary style. The love dolls are easy to move and the height can be easily adjusted. You’ll also get a stimulating porn film of your choice on the big screen. To freshen up before you go back to work, there’s a private bathroom with shower – with sublte shower gel ūüėČ

Doll Brothel - Puppenbordell - Berlin


Special Offer: All Night Long at Just 199‚ā¨/night (was 330‚ā¨)!

For all you night owls we have put together a special offer. A love doll of your choice is there for you for a whole night, in an exclusive and private place with bathroom and balcony. Enjoy your own private space all to yourself. The double bed with heated mattress ensures relaxing comfort, as does the gynaecological chair at your disposal. You have a wide selection of porn on popular streaming platforms, which you can enjoy on a giant cinema screen.

You may check in every day at 10:30 – 11:00 PM and take advantage of a late check-out until 2:00 PM. We will provide you with towels, lube, wifi, drinking water and bedding.

We are happy to welcome you as our guest and want to pamper you properly! If you still want a little add on you get for 70‚ā¨ an additional LoveDoll or want a VR glasses or a fuck machine? No problem we have a wide selection of crazy toys to play with.

You can also book the VR room the whole night for 129 Euros extra!


Market launch price of from ‚ā¨90

We are developing a market that currently does not exist. Tell your wives about us, of course we will pretend we don’t know each other ūüėČ

Women can have fun with us for an extremely low price of ‚ā¨90. Fucking machine (with 2 different dildos) and the Magic Wand vibrating rod. For emotional stimulation, we provide you with porn from a feminine point of view via VR glasses. Condoms, lube and privacy are a matter of course.
Satisfaction and enthusiasm are important to us! If this does not happen or the session is aborted, you will get your money back. We’ll refund without hesitation.

We want to exchange ideas and learn what attracts you. We would be pleased if you fill out the voluntary feedback form.

Rentable spaces for events and workshops

Are you looking for a venue for events, meetings, workshops, or just a room for two?

The Cybrothel offers a fully equipped location available for rent by the hour, day, or night! It is a perfect place for workshops on sensuality and bodywork. The venue is also ideal for play parties and private shoots (up to 10 people). You can come with your partner or client ‚Äď a secure place to enjoy privacy.

Room rates: 1 hour: ‚ā¨70 ‚Äď ‚ā¨100 Overnight: ‚ā¨300 ‚Äď ‚ā¨350 Groups: ‚ā¨400 ‚Äď ‚ā¨1000 per event

The Cybrothel is equipped with projectors, a sound system, safer-sex materials, and large beds. For larger events, access to a kitchen is also available upon request. Upon request, we provide VR goggles, high-quality adult films, and adult toys.

  • 2 bathrooms (1 shower, 1 bathtub)
  • 2 bedrooms with suspension points, 1 gynecological chair
  • 1 room with 2 suspension points
  • Balcony
  • Secure suspension points for Shibari enthusiasts

Booking via email: WhatsApp: +4915739113740