Our legend demonstrates that we offer unbeatable value for money. We place great importance on transparency and provide detailed information about the condition of our dolls. We want you to have a realistic understanding of the quality beforehand and to better understand our pricing, which depends on factors such as technology, lifespan, number of sessions, and wear and tear. If you have any questions, we are always available to help and want to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience with us.

1h 169 € AAA đŸ€©
1h 155 € AA 😀
1h 139 € B 😘
1h 125 € B- đŸ€Ș
1h 109 € C 😅

AAA / đŸ€©
The doll is in excellent condition and appears almost new. Almost no signs of wear and tear are noticeable, as it has only been with us for a short time. The slightly higher price ensures you receive a doll in excellent condition.

AA / 😀
The doll is in good condition and shows only minimal signs of use, which do not detract from its quality and functionality. Small scratches or cracks on the skin, as well as possible skin discoloration, are hardly noticeable and do not affect the user experience.

B / 😘
Our doll is still beautiful despite some signs of wear and tear. The skin is delicate and well-maintained, although some small cracks may be visible in heavily used openings or feet. It is possible that the fingers may be worn or missing fingernails, but this does not affect the use or appearance of the doll in any way. Overall, it is in good condition and is presented with a lot of love from us. The minor signs of wear and tear are hardly noticeable and even add a certain charm to the doll.

B- / 😘
Our doll has been lovingly used and has some signs of wear and tear. Some cracks may be visible in certain areas, but they do not affect its functionality. There may be some holes in certain areas, but they are insignificant. We have carefully prepared and hygienically treated the doll, so despite its minor flaws, it still looks very appealing and provides a wonderful experience. The skeleton has started to rust slightly in some places, but this does not affect the doll’s overall quality. We are convinced that our doll, even with some signs of wear and tear, will still provide pleasure.

C / 😅
The doll has already had some experiences and therefore has signs of wear and tear, particularly on the ankles and wrists. However, we try to cover up these marks with clever clothing and presentation. At first glance, you will not see any signs of wear and tear, but if you move it, you may notice some minor weaknesses. We offer this doll at a lower price, but this does not mean that you will not have an excellent experience. We place great emphasis on staging and styling to get the most out of the doll. Please be aware, however, that this doll has already experienced some adventures and is no longer brand new.

Feel free to contact us at to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve our service. We are always striving to provide our customers with the best possible experience and value your feedback.